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Your refund will be sent out from the college no more than 14 days after the credit balance first appeared on your account. If your refund is being sent via paper check, please also allow for appropriate mailing time. 

Another option includes Direct Deposit (ACH). After your refund posts on your SIS account, you should allow 4-7 business days for Direct Deposit. However, if you did not choose this, the delivery method will default to a paper check. 

If you made payment via ePay and are due a refund, your refund will be returned to the same credit/debit card used when the payment was made. Funds are usually available 3-4 business days after your refund is posted in the Student Information System.

Certain state grants and tuition refunds may take an additional 3-5 business days. A business day is considered to be Monday through Friday. 

(Student Accounts > Refund - Financial Aid OR Refund - Tuition & Fees)

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